Inner Child Work

I have been doing a lot of inner child work recently. Before I got sober, I would have been of the view
that inner child work was just some kind of hippie buzz word. I didn’t hold out any hope that this
work would be transformative in any way. Or indeed that it was for me!
Now more than 3 years into my somatic therapy journey I am realizing that this work is at the
core of everything.
I’m going to share it here because I want others to know that its normal.

I did not know it was
normal to feel this way until now.
My therapist has a great way of explaining the theory behind what’s going on with inner child work. Today was a huge session. And I learned so much.

We come into this world with such vulnerability. The child learns along the way to protect ourselves
from the not so safe parts of our childhood and society. The harshness. The trauma we
may experience. This vulnerable part gets less soft in protecting themselves.

This is how I experienced this as an adult recently. So I went on a couple of dates.
Afterwards both the people I went on dates with said that the spark was not there for them, and they didn’t want a 2nd date.
Fine. But they also told me that I was a great person and so on and so forth.
This really bothered me. Why did they need to tell me this? I know I’m an okay person I don’t
need to be told!! Anger. With this also came some judgement about myself” Is there something
wrong with me?” Feelings like shame and blame. I called these feelings the ugly feelings!

And then came the therapy. Opening up to talking and allowing these feelings.

Realizing I’m coming from that child’s place. Both together.
Holding space for them both. My adult self is holding space for them both.
And it’s okay. I breathe deeply. Feel my feet on the floor. Be present in the now.
I am bringing softness. Awareness. Openness. Even forgiveness.
This is the work.
It is vulnerable and necessary.

I hope as you read this you are well. Please feel free to reach out if any of this resonates with you.

Thanks for reading! 🌈🙏🏻🥰

I picked out two objects representing my inner child. I have made an alter with them now. I love how the stick still has life!! And the stone is so impressive and solid!!

Beautiful bluebell on walk!

As in my ugly feelings are not ugly!!
Wanted to see my haircut from the side!

3 thoughts on “Inner Child Work

  1. I couldn’t agree more, this work is at the core of everything. I learned to care for myself as if I was my own child, learned to see my pain, emotions and needs as important and learn to tend to myself. If I am not gonna take my feelings seriously, then who will? At least I should listen to the cries of my heart ❤
    It’s still a learning curve but it
    brought me straight to my soul.
    Lovely connecting with you, I could feel that my music made sense to you yesterday.

    Liked by 1 person

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